Photo of me at Revision 2018 photo by Saga Musix Contact Me

I'm a software developer living in the Pacific Northwest who enjoys the outdoors, laser cutting, and board gaming. Through a small side business of mine I make and sell various laser cut and engraved odds and ends, some of which are pictured on this site. I also help run a local board gaming group and co-founded a makerspace where I can often be found. Additionally I've been involved in the demoscene since mid 2009 and have gone to the Revision demoparty every year since 2013.

I have skills in and have written projects with Java, Python, and more. I have also become quite proficient at CSS and general client-side development. My day work has been mainly creating web applications applying visual analytics to many projects. Recently, as of 2017-18, I have been interested in React, Redux, and building sites with them. Much of public work can be found online, so feel free to check out my GitHub and Bitbucket profiles as well as other linked sites I am involved with.