Canvas Color Chooser Demo

This project is released to the public domain (totally free, no strings) but if you wish to credit me, I'm okay with it.

This is a JavaScript-based color chooser using Canvas. The table is calculated/drawn using HSV values (as that is easiest). The canvas itself is within a relative parent which can be used to position it. The relative parent enables the color chooser to get accurate information about cursor location.

This has many possible applications, even a "popup" div for example. This popup can be loaded when first used or when the page loads, the time needed to create one is minimal.

To update the chooser via the forms, type in new values and hit enter in the section from which you wish to update. Hitting enter in the "hue" field will update it based on the h, s, and v values, hitting enter in the hex box will use the new hexadecimal value, and so forth.

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