I develop quite a lot, this growing list is an attempt to contain a sampling of the things I've written. They range from small scripts in various programming languages to Widgets and programs. The dates reflect when the item was last updated. For older projects, the date may be when it was first publically posted. Click the icon images to see a larger preview of the project. Some projects may not have larger previews.

In addition to the following personal projects I also contribute to other open source projects on GitHub and Gitorious. Many of my personal projects are hosted on Bitbucket.


A variation of the base JsDoc Toolkit 2.4.0 template with new features. Visit the bitbucket page for more details.


Hexxagon icon

A web clone of an old DOS game called Hexxagon, which is now considered abandonware.

A live version can be tried out on my site.

Swing Addendum

∝ ∞

A Swing library which adds utility classes and methods, new components and layout managers, as well as other useful features for developing Swing applications. The original impetus for this library was my ever-growing collection of useful code from various published and unpublished applications.

The library JAR is executable and will start an "example launcher" from which example programs of the various classes in this project can be viewed. Checking out the source of these examples is a good way to get started.

Source is included in the JAR, and the project is available under the 3-clause BSD license.


Now on bitbucket! Certain things may have changed since the last pre-bitbucket version. If that causes issues, you can still get the old version from this site.