I develop quite a lot, this growing list is an attempt to contain a sampling of the things I've written. They range from small scripts in various programming languages to Widgets and programs. The dates reflect when the item was last updated. For older projects, the date may be when it was first publically posted. Click the icon images to see a larger preview of the project. Some projects may not have larger previews.

In addition to the following personal projects I also contribute to other open source projects on GitHub and Gitorious. Many of my personal projects are hosted on Bitbucket.

Necta5 Player Light


Started back in January 2013, this project was designed to be an HTML5-only mini internet radio player for Nectarine but supports any radio using the same platform.

"Have browser, will travel!": Desktops and mobile devices generally all have a browser anymore which after inclusion of the audio tag in HTML5 have support for playing audio files and thus streams. There's no longer a need to install a separate app just to tune in.

Later revisions will make it easier to support data sources (as streams are quite easy) for other radio platforms.

Play! Simple Store with Stripe


This is an application using the Play framework (1.2.5) for a simple store using
Stripe ( ) as a payment processor.

Originally designed to take orders for some laser-cut key fobs I had created for an internet radio. It is is designed to take orders only for a single item with a cap on total orderable quantity per user to prevent stock exhaustion.

More details are available at the project's Bitbucket repository by clicking the link in this project description's header.

Play framework HTTP repository

An HTTP-based dependency repository I set up to work with my various Play framework projects. Visit the repository for more details.