I develop quite a lot, this growing list is an attempt to contain a sampling of the things I've written. They range from small scripts in various programming languages to Widgets and programs. The dates reflect when the item was last updated. For older projects, the date may be when it was first publically posted. Click the icon images to see a larger preview of the project. Some projects may not have larger previews.

In addition to the following personal projects I also contribute to other open source projects on GitHub and Gitorious. Many of my personal projects are hosted on Bitbucket.

Progress Bar

Progress Bar icon

A progress bar with options to display the time remaining, whether to animate, and what percentage of the progress to display. It also supported an "indefinite" mode where the entire bar would be filled and animate overlaid with customizable text.

It was based on a gif I found on a website which had a small sampling of animated throbbers. I decided to see if I could do it with Canvas, and the original implementation was written for a browser. This is my later port to the Yahoo! Widget Engine

Canvas Gears

Canvas Gears icon

A script I wrote in process to writing another Widget. It lets you choose the size, number of teeth, and other gear properties then renders it to an image. This script only works in Canvas providing browsers for now, as the script first draws it to Canvas before using that to create the image.


CursorTails icon

This Yahoo! Widget was originally designed as a joke, like those websites with the annoying stuff that chases your cursor. On a more serious side, there was another Widget called CurseOr which, if I recall correctly, had more than a few issues. It also only allowed one image to chase the mouse.

CursorTails has several choices of built-in shapes that can follow the cursor, as well as options to encircle the cursor when it stops moving, and to hide the chasers after a user-specified amount of time.

Use the Widget "Window Level" settings to force the chasers to appropriately appear above or below windows.

With a bit of hacking and inventiveness more chaser shapes could be added by a Widget developer. I sort of stopped work on it before I could add more.