I develop quite a lot, this growing list is an attempt to contain a sampling of the things I've written. They range from small scripts in various programming languages to Widgets and programs. The dates reflect when the item was last updated. For older projects, the date may be when it was first publically posted. Click the icon images to see a larger preview of the project. Some projects may not have larger previews.

In addition to the following personal projects I also contribute to other open source projects on GitHub and Gitorious. Many of my personal projects are hosted on Bitbucket.

Democratic Movie Night Voter

This little app has two pages: one for viewing the available movies, and another for showing people's choices. The latter updates in real time and lets people vote from their computers, phones, or tablets. (Whatever they have on hand.)

The idea was to play around with the Play Framework's WebSocket implementation, but also make something useful to me when I hold movie night socials.

Free Board Gaming Laser Cutting Templates

My laser cutting hobby turned into a small side business with the purchase of my own laser cutter. I decided to make my designs, when reasonable to, available to the public free of charge and with an open source license.

These so far include a dice tower, two card deck boxes, and an organizer for the board game Istanbul.

All designs are vector files in the SVG format.

Board Game Voterator


A local board gaming group goes to a convention in the area and we like to hold scheduled games. Longer board games that might not otherwise be played that we want to run at specific times.

To gauge interest and try to get some ideas, I built this little app to let people find games listed on BoardGameGeek and add them, or add their vote to any existing entries.