I'm not exactly an artist, but I do own some software such as Bryce and I've dabbled a bit with POV-Ray. I occasionally compose various images with these programs and more. Feel free to browse my gallery. It's not much, but I've decided there's no better place to put them than here. Very new images may not have preview images yet, and may not look their best when scaled down for the preview. Click "View Larger" or the image preview to see a a larger version of an image.

All of these images are made by me and I claim ownership of them. If you would like to use them commercially, please contact me. For private use, please note me as the author and if possible a link back to this page (not the actual image). A fresh render or Bryce files available on request. Time, availablility, and desire to fulfill the request having precedence.


Bryce 6.1
Package icon

Created as the opposite of my box image. Currently in use as my Konfabulator Forums avatar. The idea was to change my avatar to the box icon when Hunter Ryba and I came public final user-ready Konspirators' Community Gallery, which never happened.


Bryce 6.1
Gear icon

Created as the logo for the ill-fated Konspirators Community Gallery project on which I was co-developer. I rendered the large version without anti-aliasing as I intended to cut out the background and shrink it.


IMG_0375 icon

Not my typical computer rendered image, I took this picture from inside my family's house of the back deck during a winter break. I think it looks rather nice. I don't have a name for the image, so my camera's auto-numbering will have to suffice.